Here's Hope!

Family & Friends- We created this site to keep everyone up to date on Hope's progress since we brought her home from China this summer. Watch for updates & photos... Jen, Manny & Hope

Monday, November 28, 2005

Hope's Arizona Re-adoption

On Saturday, 11/19, we celebrated National Adoption Day by having Hope's readoption in the State of AZ was finalized. There were over 140 kids whose adoptions were finalized on that same day - it was great to see so many kids being adopted into loving homes! There were kids from all different countries as well as those from the United States. We traveled to the Juvenile Court building in Phoenix where there were lots of festivities and games for the kids, and Hope even got a signed picture from the Phoenix Suns Gorilla (one of the pictures is her w/a Suns cheerleader)! Hope was a trooper even though the appointments were running almost an hour and a half behind schedule - she loved seeing all the kids and running up and down the hallway outside the courtooms with her squeaky shoes on.

Each family had a hearing time during which a representative from the County Attorney's office represented us before the Judge and we were asked a series of questions. Manny and I swore once again that we wanted to be her parents as we did back on June 20th in China, and we were pronounced a family 'officially' in the eyes of the AZ Courts - we never get tired of hearing that she's ours!! :o)
As you can see, even the Judge thought Hope's squeaky shoes from China were pretty neat! I bet this is one of the happiest days these Judges have each year - unfortunately, the majority of their hearing involve kids who are in trouble, not such a joyous occasion as we had.

Both sets of Grandparents joined us, and we celebrated afterwards by eating a huge lunch at Buca di Peppo - we learned that Hope loves ravioli's!

Thanks for following our progress - more updates to come!
Jen, Manny & Hope

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My First Halloween

Welcome to our site!

Hello - this is our first official post on our new web blog'll have to be patient with us as we learn how to use this site better :)

I'll post some recent Halloween pictures of Hope - take a look! She was a cutie but didn't really understand the whole Halloween candy thing, my guess is she'll understand it much more next year!